Moira McCaskill

Personal Coaching

Enneagram Diagram

The Enneagram with the Riso-Hudson Type Names Copyright, 2001, The Enneagram Institute. All Rights Reserved.

Deep Enneagram Coaching

Deep Enneagram Coaching focuses on healthy adult development, and takes coaching to another level because it involves the "transformation of who you think you are”.

The Enneagram is a system that identifies nine personality types or nine basic strategies for getting along in the world; strategies that we adopt by the time we emerge from childhood. The Enneagram is not a typing system that "puts us in a box"- rather it is a guide to self-development that points the way out of the box we are already in. Awareness of our Enneagram type allows us to gradually leave behind the self-defeating patterns of our type while expanding on the strengths and gifts of our type.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to personal growth. The wisdom of the Enneagram is that it addresses this reality beautifully.

Whether you are focusing on relationships, life transition, leadership development, life balance, or any of a number of other life goals, deep coaching with the Enneagram helps you achieve results that you may not know are possible.