Moira McCaskill

Personal Coaching

The Inner Journey

What would you think if I told you: "you are not your personality"?

Here is the foundation of my work- opening the realm of freedom, choice and happiness that lies beyond the patterns of personality.

The habits of your personality - what draws your attention, your usual behaviours and attitudes, your sense of your own identity- may seem solid, unchangeable and inseparable from "you".

In fact you can greatly expand your understanding of yourself and who you really are.

You can become more flexible, less reactive, healthier and more able to create the life you desire.

Does this sound inviting?

Welcome to the inner journey, the great work of adulthood.

"So part and parcel of becoming a civilized human being is this process of becoming like everyone else: losing contact with our depths. This process of human adaptation or conditioning...from a spiritual perspective is one of falling asleep and of self-forgetting."

- Sandra Maitri -

The Relationship Journey

Life happens in relationships, in conversations and interactions.

The quality of our relationships is in many ways the quality of our lives. And so we must connect our inner work to results in our relationships.

Imagine you are in a round room with nine windows.

You are looking out of one of them.

Other people in the room are also looking out of

one window, each person a different window.

With your backs to each other, looking out of different windows, you are trying to relate.

Would you like to know what's outside all nine windows?

Understand what others see, how they experience life?

Bring this awareness to your relationships?

"For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks; the ultimate, the last test and proof; the work for which all other work is but preparation."

- Rainer Maria Rilke -

Understanding the nine windows on life described by the Enneagram is an eye-opener and virtually a "cheat sheet" for improving relationships.

Imagine how awareness of another person's inner world (what motivates them, what they most want and most fear, their 'life operating instructions') could enhance your relationship. At this important practical level, knowing the Enneagram will enhance your communication, conflict resolution and effectiveness working and getting along with others.

At a deeper level, your relationships with loved ones will blossom with greater awareness, love, compassion and happiness.

Does this sound inviting?

Welcome to improving your life through better relationships.

The Collective Journey

There is a field of awareness that goes beyond our individual minds, a field we can sense and share when we are deeply present. In this field we have access to higher consciousness and a higher order of problem solving than we have when we are busy reacting inside our separate personalities. For a group of people to be able to create such a field together and operate within it for a sustained period of time, opens tremendous potential beyond our ordinary experience. This is the direction in which we are collectively moving today - towards a new way of being and working together.

Our inter-connectedness is something that has been validated by neuroscience - we literally have mirror neurons in our brains that make our experience mutual.

We are wired together.

Current research in organizational development increasingly emphasizes the necessity and advantage of hierarchical power structures giving way to empowerment and co-creation.

Leadership research identifies that the best leaders are capable of responding to complexity with creativity and discernment in the moment unhindered by ego reactivity.

Mature adult development research points to higher levels of awareness or consciousness that are available to those who continue to grow throughout life.

"You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew."

- Albert Einstein -

It's as if science is trying to measure and explain something we can perceive and already understand intuitively - yet it is reassuring to know that it is not completely flaky or "woo-woo" to be speaking of such ephemeral experiences. It is actually something we can aspire to to be able to operate at this more collaborative, more co-creative level.

While it is difficult to see where this change will take us, it seems certain that the purpose must be of a higher order - it's not so we can create new products, sell more widgets or compete better. Collective consciousness is evolving so that we can understand better what we must do - see the error of our ways, see the solutions, understand the real purpose of our lives.

The Enneagram is ultimately a map of human potential. Your inner growth, your caring relationships and the quality of your presence contribute to the rising collective consciousness. New awareness may result in you making different choices or showing up in your leadership and brilliance to make change where you are. We don't have to know the destination to know that this is good and necessary work for each of us and collectively for humanity.

Does this sound inviting?

You can have more conscious impact, greater presence and be a true leader.

"Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence."

- John O'Donohue -