Moira McCaskill

Personal Coaching


I work with mature adults who are ready to explore their lives on a deeper level.

My clients come to me from a variety of entry points, both personal and work related. What they have in common is a sense that something is missing or something more is calling them and they are ready to grow.

You may be in a transition or challenging time in your life or you may want change or something more in the future.

Whatever draws you here please contact me for a complimentary half hour conversation to discuss how I work and to see if we are a good fit.

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I work with groups or teams that want to improve communication and conflict skills, learn to work more collaboratively and solve problems on a higher level of awareness.

I offer a variety of assessments including the Leadership Circle suite to support team and leadership development.

My work is highly customized and I will create the right program for you.

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I teach the Enneagram to small groups by teleclass and in person. If you have a small group we can begin there.

Or please contact me as a new group may be forming.

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